Susan took a quick run over to the library to pick up
this book which was being held for her since last week.
She arrived to find that it had already been returned to the shelf and taken out by another reader. She placed it on hold again then went to get some cocktail party music for her upcoming BIG birthday party.
A few weeks ago she found Pink Panther Penthouse Party and has been on a roll ever since. Today she selected six or seven CDs that looked promising including a compilation of James Bond soundtracks which was sitting right out in the open as if it were waiting for her.
While Susan was checking out she overheard one of the librarians provide some information to a mom with a stroller. Susan recalled what a large part the library played in her life when the kids were small including the time her toddler son spread his little frame across the library floor and drew a picture which helped lift Susan from a notable depression. Some day when Susan has more energy she'll tell you about it.
Anyway, the mom extended her conversation with the librarian beyond its expiration date with who really gives a crap stuff revealing her strung-out self to be desperate for grown up conversation. Poor thing. Susan saw that the mommy was also accompanied by a second-grader and a husband and wondered why she was boring a librarian when there was a perfectly serviceable husband to blather at? No matter, Susan took her CDs and left.
As Susan was exiting the parking spot she saw strung-out mommy pushing the stroller followed by the rest of her family. Susan sat with her foot on the break as Mommy walked directly in front of Susan's car without ever glancing over in Susan's direction.
Susan waited for them all to get sufficiently far away then drove off.


Dawn in Austin said...

I always consider it a good day when I don't run someone over, either accidently or accidently on purpose.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Thanks for reminding me of that book. I heard the interview on NPR and forgot to jot it down for my ever expanding list.