It's after 10:30 pm and Susan has a very un-tired three year old singing in her bed.
She doesn't want to go night night, she wants water.
She wants to tell Grandpa she loves him.
She wants to know what Susan's name is.

Susan is doing her best not to respond to the unbearably adorable three year old who is singing about mashed potatoes and putting her bracelets on the table so that she doesn't lose them and drinking as much water as will be necessary to wet the bed later on. Earlier Susan tried witholding the water but was driven into submission by tears.

The relationship is new so Susan doesn't have an arsenal of things that will get the three year old to submit to sleep. Susan's strategy is to type softly on the laptop with the lights off and classical music playing through the TV while Miss Three relaxes.

Miss Three yawned while she was humming
then she kissed her stuffed companion
then she asked do you have Fly Me To The Moon do you have Fly Me To The Moon do you have Fly Me To The Moon do you have Fly Me To The Moon?
then she heaved a big sigh
then she fell asleep and provided Susan with a blog post.


linlah said...

Sounds like you need to get Fly me to the Moon.

The Zadge said...

What a sweet little Miss Three!

Anonymous said...

children are at their most adorable AFTER they fall asleep

Dawn in Austin said...

"Ooooh," she says in a fervent whisper, "you have a grandbaby in the house? I can't wait till there's one in my house! For a visit, that is."

Cupcake Murphy said...

I love the way you choose to tell stories.