Susan had a bunch of nice things happen to her over the last week.

Every morning she found a happy gurgling baby and his big sister mashing bananas into goo and spilling Cheerios.
Plus, they were always glad to see her.

Susan's little sister, inspired by a particularly TWISTED tirade about a broken patio umbrella, bought Susan the most beautiful patio umbrella ever made anywhere, ever. Susan spent all weekend having cocktails, reading the papers and enjoying her guests in shaded splendor.

Susan's co-workers surprised her with a cake, a verse of Happy Birthday a fantastic handmade necklace and a generously stuffed card which Susan turned into her summer wardrobe on the way home.
She spent that money crazy fast.

Lastly, Susan received two interesting compliments in one day. The first was provided by a foot fetishist acquaintance of hers who said that she reminded him of Princess Diane. At first she thought that the deepness of her new turquoise shirt messed with his brainwaves but then realized he was just responding to her good breeding and regal authority. Later in the day a lady stranger told Susan I love your hair and admitted that she had been admiring Susan in such close proximity that she was surprised Susan didn't feel the lady stranger breathing on the back of her neck. Susan was flattered and excited to have a stalker, TGIF everybody.


Dawn in Austin said...

Sounds like Susan had a lovely week!!

Anonymous said...

I think Susan became untwisted!


linlah said...

Nothing beats banana goo and spilled cheerios

Cupcake Murphy said...

Stalkers are underrated.