For the third time this week Susan came home to a hot house and began yelling at people to open the windows. Susan exempted her house guests only because the regular occupants of the house are completely aware of what they must do when they get home; open the f*cking windows! Holy crap, how difficult is that? Surely they must recognize when they're hot. Susan feels like she's living in bizarro world with this bunch.

Susan's house is not equipped with central air conditioning, which is perfectly fine because she likes open windows, fans and cool drinks with ice cubes in them. When things get particularly brutal she jumps in the pool and floats around. She floats because she doesn't swim. She wouldn't mind learning how to swim except for the fact that she's really not keen on being in the water to begin with, it's a little claustrophobic for her. So, she floats and paddles and is very comfortable as long as she can touch the bottom. Touching the bottom is good.

Susan didn't grow up with a pool, she had a sprinkler.
She remembers being pretty happy with the sprinkler,
it was cold and wet and got the job done. The summers of her childhood included low tech ice pops made of frozen juice which she guesses were better than nothing. Sometimes they'd go to Carvel and Susan would get a Cherry Bonnet. OMG, Susan still loves Cherry Bonnets!
In fact, she ate one belonging to a houseguest today.
The husband tried to get some of it but Susan wasn't sharing and sent him away.


The Zadge said...

I have no A/C either, which is how I explain away my ice-cold nightly vodka tonic addiction. It's a harder argument to make in January when it's 10 below.

LiLu said...

Oh, what I would give for a pool right about now. Le sigh.

Dawn in Austin said...

I cannot imagine being without A/C. But then I live in Texas, where just today the temperature is 132 and the humidity is 157%. Bring on the A/C and the vodka tonic!

Diane said...

sprinklers, juice ice pops and cherry bonnets. Wow Susan, did you just bring me back. Did our parents know each other?