Susan's daughter is turning twelve this weekend and has requested to go to the least interesting place in the world;
Times Square.
Specifically she has requested to visit the Hershey's and M&Ms stores.

The weekend promises to be hot and muggy, perfect for carrying five pounds of melted chocolate, eating crappy grease drenched food and generally being in a bad mood.

Susan, not her daughter.

Susan's daughter will be in a fantastic mood because her mother is going to shower her with fake enthusiasm and treat her like the sweet little queen that she is by letting her do whatever she wants until the budget breaks.

Wish Susan luck.


Grace said...

Maybe if your lucky you can eat at the Hard Rock Cafe or, better yet, Bubba Gumps!

Kate said...

I stumbled onto your blog, this is my first time here. I love it.

patti said...

You could go to the Starbucks that's next door to the Starbucks and across the street from the Starbucks and down the corner from the Starbucks...Hope you have fun!

linlah said...

Good luck.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Just today, at the pretty seashore where I live, I said to my husband THE TOURISTS GO TO THE AWFUL CROWDED PLACES. Good luck.

Salty Miss Jill said...

Your daughter is a lucky girl in so many ways.
I recommend Cowgirl Hall of Fame for lunch. ;)

Rural Rambler said...

Sorry I'm late here. It is great to see Susan's daughter, Miss Twelve. I just love it when Susan sticks a picture in her blog posts here and there. Miss Twelve looks very sweet and pleased on her 12th birthday. Happy Birthday Miss Twelve, I know you had a great birthday!!!