Susan's daughter told her that she was mean.
It was a few weeks ago while they were standing outside the Chinese Food Buffet,
of which Susan is not a fan, and she was speculating that the size of the patrons' asses would match their plates of greasy spare ribs and fried rice. Susan preferred to think of herself as accurate although she definitely inserted a bit of meanness for her own entertainment.

Days later Susan's daughter told her that she was critical.
The family was sitting at the dinner table and Susan was criticizing someone who didn't think or feel or do things exactly the way Susan does.
Susan is aware that she's critical but to hear it stated so simply from the twelve year old she was teaching by her example was a little startling.

The meanness she could do something about but what would be left of her personality if she could not be critical? There would be nothing for her to say.

Children ruin everything.


The Zadge said...

Totally agree with you. I never understood why people say "you shouldn't be judgmental" - we have a brain for a reason: to use it to make judgements!!!

Dawn's Dad said...

It seems to me that Susan is not one to mince words. She calls a spade a spade and she doesn't put perfume on a pig. Some would call that critical or mean, others would call it forthright and honest.

Having lived for many years with a woman with whom you always knew where she stood, I have learned it is much better to know than try to guess.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I know I'm not helping but I hate people who say "Hate is such a strong word."

Dawn in Austin said...

It's great when the kids move out, now I can be as judgy and mean as I want and there's no one around to hear it.

P.S. Perfume on a pig, Daddy? That cracked me up!