Alright, Susan tried to slide Batman by instead of thinking up something to BLAHg about. What, you've never done that?

She continues not to have anything to say unless you want to hear how she's having three teeth pulled next week. Or maybe it's two pulled and one grinded down. Grinded? Whatever.

She wore an outfit today that she didn't like, is that interesting?
This isn't going to get any better.


linlah said...

Teeth grinded is good and this might be the best post ever, except all the other ones which were the best posts ever.

Dawn in Austin said...

A trip to Twisted Susan's is always the thing I need when all else fails.

Your writer's block is funny!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan, it's OK about the writer's block. You helped me with the cocktail dress thing today, so you have points to cash in.

patti said...

Teeth? Oh no, I HATE the dentist. I'd much rather hear about the outfit.