Susan asked her daughter to rate her as a mother using the standard one to ten scale; one being awful and ten being wonderful.

An hour earlier Susan made her daughter cry when she yelled; 'You go out and work fifty hours a week, not make enough money, come home, and I'll b*tch at you the way you b*tch at me.' Anyway, what do you think Susan's number was? You're going to be surprised.

Susan was awarded an 8.5!

The daughter thought Susan would be upset that she didn't get a 10 but Susan is a realistic person with imperfections and knew she couldn't possibly score a 10. She inquired of the daughter what she might have to do for a 10 & it was recommended that she eliminate some yelling.

The daughter's gonna have to be happy with an 8.5 mom.


Dawn in Austin said...

I'm scared to ask mine to rate me. I consider it a good thing no one was apprehended or eliminated during the 20 years they lived in my house.

You go girl, with your 8.5!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I think that is an awesome rating. Who wants to be a 10, anyway? Susan's daughter is smart to leave a few points to achieve perfection.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I hope you were both wearing gowns while this was all happening.