Susan is taking a three day vacation from Acme Sweatshop during which she'll get some teeth pulled, go to the library, read, bake stuff, stay up late, listen to music, watch old movies, play with her dog, make curry and hopefully finish up an art project.

She put a boring Sunday to good use by making Deb's roasted eggplant soup because she had all the ingredients, including the goat cheese. Susan loves goat cheese and will argue that it enhances everything that it rubs up against.
She made a serving's worth of quick croutons & had a lovely lunch alongside her friend the laptop, of whose companionship she never tires.


Dawn in Austin said...

Not a fan of goat cheese, but my laptop is my bestie! Can't live without her. I know it's a her because she never gives me any problems, like Mr. Desktop, et al.

Cupcake Murphy said...

My laptop is in the hospital.