Susan and her daughter took a road trip to Ohio this past weekend. They were invited by Susan's little sister to accompany her on the eight hour drive she has to make in order to visit her husband.

He's not in jail, the current economy just dictates that in order to be employed he has to live and work two states away from his family.

Ohio is so pretty! They saw trees in full autumn splendor and rocks and waterfalls and beautifully rusted machinery in apple orchards and rolling hills with ribbons of fog and tons of dead things on the side of the road.

Susan took pictures of her trip and has been f*cking around for the last two hours trying to post them instead of sleeping because
it's already tomorrow and she's tired!

She can't get them to appear in the order of her preference and she knows that there is some simple solution but she doesn't know what it is right now!

Before she left, Susan's hardrive selfishly killed itself as well as all her pictures and music. This has nothing to do with her current problem, but she's very frustrated and just wanted to mention it.


Rural Rambler said...

I wanted to tell Susan I am sorry I am late here to tell her that I hope she is feeling much better. But maybe she will forgive me because we have been traveling too. A great trip to Kansas City, MO and then a trip to see a new baby in the family.

Long time ago I became so flustrated with blogger over loading pictures I decided to take my pictures to Photobucket and now I can load and put my pictures any dang place I like in any size. This does involve an extra PIA step but worth it to me to not have to mess with blogger's mess. I am just guessing here but Susan may not want to have to mess with Photobucket and with Blogger too to get a post out since she mentioned that she is frustrated.

Dawn in Austin said...

I use Window's Live Writer to formulate my blogs and put my pictures in order and then it sends over to blogger. I like it a lot.

Glad you got to visit Ohio, my husband's birthplace. He always says it's a great place to be from.

Tell yur friend that at least her husband is only 8 hours away. Last year, mine was half a world away, literally.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

F**King Hardrives. I'm glad Susan had a scenic weekend after her dental ordeal.

The Zadge said...

Perhaps Susan is still high on painkillers? I hope not during the drive!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I think the Hard Drive should be called the Dumb Drive.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing out that the husband is not in jail. I suspect that by the expression on the face of the overbearingly helpful fella at the PA visitor’s center, it’s exactly what he concluded when he asked us why we were visiting his pretty, yet very long state.