One side of Susan's face is still swollen and a little black & blue. She's been using her tongue to play with the disintegrating stitches in her mouth but has been able to downshift from vicodin to ibuprofen for the pain.

Wild Bill came out to spend the afternoon which forced Susan to take a shower and change her clothes, something she hadn't done in 36 hours.
His daughter met them for lunch at a local hippie cafe, Susan ate the carrot ginger soup. Afterwards they walked a few doors down to the used book store where Wild Bill purchased forty pounds of books on WWII for nineteen dollars.

Their little sister came over for dinner and Susan ate some real food; soft chicken breast on top of salad greens with cranberries and goat cheese.
Again with the goat cheese.
She spent the rest of the evening farting.


The Zadge said...

Just don't do that in my yoga class.

Cupcake Murphy said...

The other day Mister Cupcake thought he smelled a cess pool of some sort that might be coming from the construction work happening nearby. He smelled wrong.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Give me goat cheese, or give me death. I'm glad Susan is feeling better.

Bee said...

Ouch - hope Susan is feeling better with the impending weekend upon us!

Downshifted from Vicoden? Can I come to your house? :)

Anonymous said...

You cleared the room more than once. I was happy to call it a night and go home to my smelly, hairless dog.