Vicodin and farina.
Amoxicillin and yogurt.
Ice and a kitchen towel.

The pain in Susan's mouth woke her up during the night and she found herself spending a portion of that time in the company of the Hollywood Housewives.
All nice ladies.

The smell of coffee got her out of bed in the morning. It was her son's coffee, he's fourteen and he drinks coffee now.
Did you know that? Well, he does.

Susan made herself a small pot of coffee and a bowl of farina. While she waited for each to cool down she applied a towel filled with ice to her face and turned on her birthday laptop. Only it wouldn't turn on. Ultimately it was ascertained by Taufiq J of HP that the hardrive was defective and he's sending Susan another one. Ugh.
For the next few days she'll have to fight her way onto the old laptop, or she could avoid the line and sit down at the regular computer.
At least she has options, could you imagine if she were totally offline? It's too upsetting for her to even think about.

She baked a wonderfully soft batch of carrot applesauce muffins which she was able to eat without chewing.
And took a nap.


The Zadge said...

My god, let's hope those Hollywood wives don't get too close to an open fire because all that plastic will definitely melt!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I spent some time with those chicks last week. Now I need another date with them.

I would flip out if there wasn't one working computer here.

Dawn in Austin said...

If you were offline completely, I would have to send you a loaner, stat!

I would lose my mind if I didn't have my laptop (and a backup).

Hope your mouth feels better soon.

Diane said...

So glad you aren't offline completely. I look so forward to your BLAHg posts, especially when I'm sitting at my sweat shop, and in need of a break from the work. shhh, don't tell them.
hope your mouth feels better soon.