The Mall

Today's a special day, Susan is going to give you two BLAHg posts!

Susan took the daughter and the girls next door to the mall, each a representative of either 7th, 8th or 10th grade. The girls are mature enough to be unsupervised as long as Susan is no more than half a mall length away. Susan even carried their shopping bags so as to relieve them of the responsibility for not losing them.

It was relaxing for Susan to shop the clearance racks in solitude then rejoin the girls and their chatter. They're nice girls, noisy and happy, the way they should be. Susan saw more than her share of mutated Ugg-like bootie things, very unattractive. She assumes the wearers don't have full length mirrors at home. Perhaps they'll get some for Xmas.

As they were preparing to leave, Susan and the girls walked past a store and saw a pretty girl with an even prettier smile leaning against the front facade engaging the customers. She was wearing little plaid shorties and had a reasonable amount of cleavage exposed. OMG, it was a hooker! Susan walked past a second time to get another look. The hooker was so pretty and relaxed and young! Susan was stunned!
Look at all the exclamation points she's using!

On her second pass Susan came to the uneasy realization that this young lady in glorfied underwear was just an employee of the store using her tits and ass to advertise their wares. A hooker lite.

Susan looked up their website as soon as she got home and saw that she was correct. She sent the company an e-mail congratulating them for their marketing strategy indicating they should take pride in all their important work because we don't have enough half dressed young women standing around in the mall.
Then she wrote a couple of other things.
Knowing they likely wouldn't be interested in Susan's opinion she wrote a second e-mail to mall's property management indicating that until they can guarantee that she wouldn't be encountering a contracted employee of their mall in her underpants Susan would have to abstain from shopping there. And she will. She doesn't need the mall for her shopping.
She doesn't need the mall at all.

Susan's not done.
Please indulge while she backtracks a bit.
Driving home the girls were in control of the radio and were singing along to Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Are you familiar with this song? It's a rather limp and soulless song about a girl who's amazing just because she's beautiful.

Susan doesn't like the word amazing because she never hears it used to describe anything amazing.

Susan asked her girls about why the girl in the song was so amazing. They sang louder. Susan asked them if they felt comfortable being judged soley on how pretty they were, not how smart or funny or caring or honest, just how pretty.
They totally tuned her out and very wickedly sang at the top of their lungs.
When they got home Susan went next door and told on the 8th & 10th grader.


Anonymous said...

Good for Susan!
I hate the XXX rated, half dressed crap they try to sell to kids!

The Zadge said...

They are called uggs for a reason!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I anticipate Susan will have a good follow up BLAHg on what the management had to say about employees in their underwear!

Bee said...

I am proud of you Susan - good for you for telling these mindless creeps what you think! It must have been the week - I called my Credit Union and told on a very rude teller!

Dawn in Austin said...

And we wonder why our young girls develop body image issues? Would be nice to see a woman standing in the mall in a nice suit showing young girls how to fill out college applications and earn scholarships.

Standing around in your underwear will only get you a life as a woman who stands around in her underwear. Not much chance for advancement there.

Anonymous said...

Here, here, Dawn! Except I want my mall-woman to stand around in a rumpled suit (see comment re ironing)and a big hat - Bella Abzug-style (who remembers her? God, am I old....)Yes - that's what I want: a brilliant mall-frump.
Susan - You WILL update us, yes?
By the way, what was this young woman selling, actually?

Cupcake Murphy said...

Bruno Mars is 3 feet tall and looks like Rita Moreno (if she were a midget) and when I saw him sing that song on SNL I yelled at the TV with so much disdain.