Instead of having the substantive sex talk with her son Susan made Jessica's pumpkin lasagna. Everyone liked it except Susan's niece, who's a pill about food anyway. Some went for seconds although Susan and her little sister strategized about adding a layer of vegetables or sausage next time.
After dinner Susan reorganized her closet. She needed more space so she took over half of her husband's closet, which she also reorganized. They aren't big closets so it didn't take her very long. She hemmed a few pairs of pants and ironed about five shirts in between loads of laundry. She can't iron too many shirts at one time because they'll get squished in the closet. She tries to arrange her ironed shirts so that they don't touch each other although that's not always practical. Susan went to bed knowing that she was totally prepared to get dressed for any occassion, except something fancy,
and slept soundly.


Dawn in Austin said...

You have no reminded me that I have a pile of ironing in the laundry room that I should be doing, instead of reading blogs. *sigh* what a party pooper

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and impressed that you actually iron. I have to pretend that rumpled signifies a kind of devil-may-care confidence, rather than just laziness. My post-dryer routine: dump, shake,smooth, fold, and stuff.