Susan's mother would do her ironing on Sunday afternoons during the Million Dollar Movie, she'd have the damp clothes rolled up in a towel and squirt them with water as she went along. She didn't have a fancy spray bottle, she used something closer in design to one of those ketchup bottles you find on picnic tables, cylindrical with a pointy spout. She also dipped her old fashioned fingers into a glass of water and sprinkled the clothes that way.

While her mother ironed Susan watched Trapeze and The Two Mrs. Carrolls and
I Want To Live!

Susan knows people who don't iron but can't understand how they manage to escape that particular chore. Susan likes to wear clothes that require ironing, so she irons.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I remember my Nana ironing every Sunday with a water bottle just like that. It was kind of like holy water being sprinkled amongst the wrinkles.

Deidre said...

I am not a frequent ironer but I do it on occasion. I also don't have any fancy water squirting mechanism...so I run my fingers under water and sprinkle on the wrinkly areas.

It's all very technical.

Dawn in Austin said...

Me, too. I like nicely pressed clothes, so I iron. A lot.