Susan slept till 10:45 am on Sunday morning. She hadn't slept that late since that magical time before she had kids, back when she regularly slept off hangovers.

A few days earlier Susan's mother had admired a necklace Susan was wearing,
it was one of those five dollar Murano glass necklaces that they sell in the mall.
After breakfast Susan's mother drove her two daughters & one granddaughter in her rental car over to the mall so everyone could buy five dollar necklaces. Susan's daughter didn't want one but she put herself in charge of picking one out for her brother's girlfriend.

Sidebar: Susan met her son's girlfriend over the weekend. Assessment; Adorable and confident and tall.

Other than purchasing her son's girlfriend's necklace, Susan had no additional money for shopping and wouldn't allow anyone to purchase anything more expensive than a coffee & mini cinnabon, after which they went home.

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Dawn in Austin said...

My son's girlsfriend is adorable, confident and WAY TALL!! 6"1"

Sounds like a nice trip to the mall. You're lucky you have mom and sister and daughter near for that.