Susan's family was enjoying cranberry cheesecake after dinner when Susan's father asked, Did I ever tell you my favorite cranberry story?

Susan didn't have a favorite cranberry story of her own so she was intrigued.

Many years ago, back before Susan's mom stopped letting Susan's dad do anything fun, he used to fly. There was a private airfield in Cape Cod that ended in a cranberry bog. If he landed when the field was flooded he'd have to wear his rubbers.

That's not really a story, Pop.

Yes, it is.

No, it's more like a description.



Dawn in Austin said...

Mmmm cheesecake!

I have a soft spot for any stories told by older folks.

Ranchnotes said...

Good blog Susan!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

My Dad had a story every time, too. Wait till driving to the grocery store becomes a whole category by itself.

Anonymous said...

first off, i've never had cranberry cheesecake... WANT.

second off, that's an excellent story. I like it better than the long rambling "this is how the inside of a computer works" story my dad likes to give. ;D