Susan started doing research for the substantive sex talk she has to have with her son.

She started by consulting a coworker with similarly aged boys. The coworker's focus was primarily on disease transmission and pregnancy. Susan thanked her and jotted down some notes.

Next Susan spent some time on the internet and took more notes.

Susan remembered things she's seen in documentaries, conversations with other moms over the years, an episode of Oprah; notes, notes, notes.

She also appreciates all the support from her bloggy pals, she'll be ready by the weekend.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

May I suggest keeping a congratulatory pitcher of sangria on hand when the talk successfully concludes?

Dawn in Austin said...

I told my boys, after the sex talk, never to believe a girl if she says she "can't get pregnant" or that she can't get pregnant if it's the first time/standing up/he "misfires". The only way to not get pregnant is to use a condom.

I must have scared the crap out of them, because now I can't even get a grandbaby!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to add someting that I discussed with my teen. I told him that it was so much better to wait to have sex until he was older. I suggested 18. I told him it wasn't that he couldn't do it, and that if he did do it I wasn't going to mad or anything. but I explained to him that sex causes a lot of emotional stuff as well as the physical aspect. That just because his body was ready didn't mean his mind or heart were.

Also, I told him that girls lie. They will lie to anyone. They will do whatever thay have to do to get what they want. Some girls only want the sex. Some want an emotional attachment. Some want a baby. Always always always use a condom. Never ever ever believe a girl who says she can't get pregnant. She can get pregnant if she is on the pill. She can lie about being on the pill. She can get pregnant if you pull out. She can get pregnant the first time. She can get pregnant if she is on her period. She can get pregnant if you only use that gel stuff.

I told him, if your penis gets out of your pants, and you are not completely alone, wear a condom. Even if you think you won't put it in, put it on, you may change your mind in the heat of the moment.

I don;t know. I have had a lot of different talks over the years. Each one had slightly different topics and focuses. My teen is 17 now. We have been doing this conversation for eons.