Susan's husband got mad at her last night, he accused her of being rude and left the room. She was thankful for the break because she was trying to construct her mandatory BLAHg post and he kept talking.
She listened while he had something to say but abandoned him with extreme prejudice as soon as he didn't.
She doesn't like it when he's mad at her because he's usually right about whatever it is and then she's got to apologize.
She doesn't mind apologizing, it's part of being in a mature, functioning relationship, but sometimes the territory is murky. Was she really rude? Wasn't he hyper sensitive?
The next morning she gave the only apology she could honestly support;
I'm sorry that I upset you.
The husband understood that it was watered down. Susan shrugged, It's all I got.


Dawn in Austin said...

Love. it.

The same happens here, from time to time. But usually it is I who gets the watered down apology because he really doesn't know why I'm mad.

Daria's Blog said...

I am so happy to have found your blog via the NaNoBloMo blogroll! You are hilarious! Very entertaining... I cannot wait to see how the impending sex talk went - and I have to agree with Dawn. My husband never knows what I get upset by, so he just kind of brushes over it. I usually just accept it because it's probably just an overreaction on my part. =)

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Isn't blogging time a woman's sacred space?

Cupcake Murphy said...

I am not a religous person (like I am not totally sure how to spell religious) but I am thankful to the creator that my sister and I are never on the verge of divorce because of our ASSHOLE husbands at the same time. She talks me down. I talk her down. We all stay happily married. And I love your blog too. Can you write a book now or something?