Susan was so worked up about all the misspellings on Facebook that she
personally herself committed a misspelling on her last post.
Don't bother looking, it's gone.

Susan spent some quality time with her daughter at the mall. The mall again.
What can she do? It's where the kid wants to go. Susan's budget for the daughter was very small.
S. M. All.
The daughter behaved in a very joyless manner thinking about how little the allotted amount would purchase. She brightened up as she amassed a modest collection of shopping bags.

Susan and the daughter are not all giggly and girl friendy. Their relationship is based on mutual admiration and conversation.
It works for them.

Recently, during their weekly viewing of Jersey Shore, Susan advised the daughter that just because a pair of boobs develope doesn't mean they have to pop out of every outfit.
She also made the point that alcohol fools you into thinking bad ideas are good
That girls shouldn't climb under the covers with every boy available
That boys will do whatever you allow, then do it tomorrow with a different girl
And Sammi is an unbelievably pathetic wretch who should be ridiculed.

Apparently Susan has made these points in the past because the daughter covered her ears with her hands and yelled 'I know, mom! You tell me all the time!'


Dawn in Austin said...

I miss having a daughter in the house. I used to joke around with her and stuff. Yeah, her favorite saying to me? "Not funny, Mom" *sigh* they grow up so fast.

Dawn in Austin said...

P.S. I used to use COPS like you use Jersey Shore. "See that loser getting arrested? Don't be like that" I wish I had Jersey Shore back then.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

If there was ever a life lesson show, it's the Jersey Shore. I'm grateful I don't have to watch Hoarders with anyone to drop hints.

P.S. I think mutual admiration is far better than giggling.