Susan's daughter ended the year under the effect of her first monthly menstrual cycle. Poor thing. She's got another 40 years of discomfort and inconvenience ahead of her, but Susan did her best not to let on.

The daughter had previously been prepared with both information and supplies for the wonderful thing that happens once a month, they've just been waiting. Now the wait is over. Happy New Year, kid.

Susan presented the Monthly Mess as a club that the daughter was now a member of and welcomed her with some chewable Tylenol.


Dawn in Austin said...

Yes, dear, welcome to the club. :^/
No boys allowed.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

As my mother and ALL of her friends exclaimed, "you're a woman now"! Great.

Mrs. Tuna said...

Just stumbled across you're blog and sense you're in need of a joke about your loving teens.

So what’s the difference between teenage boys and girls? The parallel universe of taking out the trash.

Boy, take out the trash. Right after I update my Facebook Status Mom.
Boy, take out the trash. At the next commercial.
Boy, take out the trash. Soon as this show is over.
Boy, take out the trash. Gotta finish my homework, I’ll do it in the morning.

Girl, take out the trash. Screw you, I hate you, you make me do everything!!!

End result, you're still taking out the trash yourself.

Deidre said...

My mom wanted to throw me a party...to celebrate being a woman. She was going to invite all her friends. A Period Party. Or my version Hell. Luckily that never came to fruition.