Susan is taking a suggestion from Mama Kat and will fascinate you with what she has been daydreaming about.

Susan has a recurring daydream of gaining ten pounds in Italy, but who wouldn't like to do that?

She has another daydream of seeing that her medium sized children develop all the skills they'll need to navigate the tricky times in their lives. But, so does every parent.

She also daydreams of straightening out her mortgage and squeezing out a few more years in the working class neighborhood she calls home. But, so do a million other people.

Leaving Acme Sweatshop on time at the end of the day is a total fantasy daydream, completely ridiculous and unattainable, so she doesn't really bother thinking about that.

Susan dreams about something that she just might be able to pull off, something she deserves, something she will take tender care of for as long as she can.

Susan daydreams about all new towels and sheets!

Big, soft, wonderful towels with patterns woven into their plushness. Towels that will not be bleached the first week she purchases them because the children have grabbed them direct from the pool. Towels that will elevate whichever bathroom she places them in. Towels that will show her guests how much she values their comfort.

And sheets!

Sheets that actually fit around all four corners of the bed, that are not stitched together where the dog shredded them when she forgot to close the bedroom door. Sheets that don't have their own bleach related issues. Sheets that come in pretty colors! Maybe with flowers!

Sheets and towels throughout the whole house is Susan's daydream.


The Zadge said...

Sheeet!! At least you are having day dreams!! I've been having nightmares for two weeks and there is some bad sheet happening in them!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Could we both revisit the gaining weight daydream? I like that. Sheet, that Zadge is funny!

Anonymous said...

New sheets and towels are heavenly! Big fluffy white towels big enough to cover up and walk around in. Sheets, crisp and cool, patters don't matter much, just the feel of the silky sheets on your skin! Plus if they have been hung out on the line in warm sunny weather???? I am usless..........

Rural Rambler said...

Italy. If I could drive there, I would be sitting in Tuscany somewhere under some old tree sipping wine and eating pasta with CH. I need sheets. I need towels. I hate to shop. Unless I am shopping for boots! Has Susan ever looked at LinenSource.com? I just bought some Matelasse there. My sheets never fit the bed. Sheet!

Dawn in D.C. said...

Once the kids were out of the house, new towels were the first order of busniess. Oh yes, they were worth the wait! And sheets, too. Now I can afford the good ones, the ones that fit and always look like they're posing the for the White Sale ad. You know, empty nest may be lonely at times, but they sure are comfy!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is the other anonymous weighing in on sheets and sheeeet like that. Susan has two bathrooms? And a comfy bed, yes? Just checking. How about eating Italian food in bed on new sheets and not caring if sauce spills because not only can you afford to gain weight, you can also afford even newer sheets.

Anonymous said...

I was just at the flea market the other day and they had 1000 count sheets for $20! Want me to send you some if I can find them again? What is your bed...a queen?