Susan's childhood pal, Grace wished her a happy St. Paddy's day and reminded her that 36 years ago they were on their way to watch the parade then go drink in Central Park.

Susan believes it was only 33 years ago.

She recalls a drunken conversation with her mother from a Penn Station pay phone requesting to stay out past her curfew, but that could have been from another day.

Anyway, Susan is sorry for the quality of her BLAHg post today, she knows it's not her best and invites you to read this one from two years ago, which is better because at least it's informative.

Thank you.


Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Happy belated St. Patty's Susan! (Are Patty's and Paddy's both correct?)

I drank whiskey, it wasn't even Irish, but my body sure still knows how to handle it, at least pregnancy didn't rob me of that!

Grace said...

I guess it only seems like 36 years ago. Is it a sign of old age that you can't subtract in your head?

Anonymous said...

When you were just a wee slip of a lass....