Susan was all set to b*tch about an advertisement she saw for the Ritz-Carlton when she got some extreme mood elevating news from Maggy at Three Many Cooks.

Susan won Levain Bakery COOKIES!

Unfortunately, she wasn't wearing her thinking cap and blurted out her good fortune to the family. Now they're all on the lookout for Susan's cookies. Making matters worse, she's expecting four divine, six ounce cookies (free of additives or preservatives) which exactly corresponds to the amount of people waiting at the mailbox.
She has no idea how she'll avoid sharing them.

Back to the Ritz-Carlton advertisement.

Of course it features a standard good looking couple embracing on a beach. Ho hum.

Leaving Everything Behind. Yet, Discovering So Much. Yuk.

Then it lists a bunch of things that Susan would never do, like bike riding and windsurfing, calling them a host of experiences she'll treasure for a lifetime. A romantic dinner with ocean views will guarantee she achieves the perfect day.

Susan loves a nice dinner, but romantic? Can't Susan just eat her steak au poivre without having to gaze into the husband's eyes and speak of love? That's not how she likes to conduct herself.

What is romantic anyway? She's down with the candlelight and wine and maybe a wink & a nod, but anything else and she's calling for the check.


Dawn in D.C. said...

OMG, I saw those girls beat Bobby Flay with their awesome cookies. I think I'll be standing by your mailbox, too!

linlah said...

Romance is never having to load or unload the dishwasher.

Anonymous said...

Romance is sharing your cookies. Or, better yet, having someone share cookies with you.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Romance is when he automatically fills up your empty wine glass.