Susan and her little sister went to IKEA after work. Before you guys get all Oh, IKEA! Susan wants to know if you've been to IKEA lately? Well, then you know that they have NO BAGS!
That's correct. They have NO BAGS unless you'd like to purchase a reusable bag for a dollar. Susan doesn't want to purchase a reusable bag for a dollar. Susan wants IKEA to provide the basic requirement needed to complete their transaction; a m*therf*cking bag.
Susan does not want to gather her little kitcheny things and votive candles and lingonberry jelly jars in the folds of her clothing like an immigrant and schlep them out to the car, which is a whole other story. Once you get outside you can't take those horribly unwieldy rolling carts beyond the barriers to the parking lot. The poor slob of a customer has to leave the cart behind, run out to retrieve their car and hope no one has pinched their sh*t.
OMG, Susan hates IKEA now and she told them why here.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I'm trying to picture Susan stuffing jelly jars in the folds of her pencil skirt. With a babushka on her head.

Dawn in DC said...

Meg made me laugh and forget what I was going to say.

I am not a fan of IKEA. I don't even has as good of a reason as Susan. I just don't like them.

Bee said...

I have never stepped foot in IKEA - we have 1 in the Boston area but it's about an hour from me and not worth a trip through a traffic nightmare..........I hate stores that do that too - although I do occasionally stock up at BJ's - at least there they will give me a box! I hope Susan told IKEA to go F themselves!

patti said...

I haven't been to an Ikea in 25 years. But there is a grocery store call Aldi that makes you pay for bags if you don't have your own. And they charge a 25 cent deposit if you want to use a shopping cart.