Susan had three large teenagers in the backseat of her car. One belonged to her and the other two were being driven three blocks. They whined like babies when she made them strap in.

I can't find the seat belts
Are there even any back here?

Susan assisted them by illuminating the inside of the car and waiting until they were securely fastened before she drove even one inch.

When she got home she took the opportunity to review with her son & daughter the minimum requirements she has for them as her children;

They must always wear their seat belts even when no one tells them to, even when they're in the back seat, even when their friends make fun of them.

She told them that they will doom her to a life of grief and agony if anything happens to them because they opted not to wear their seat belts. Even once.

We do wear our seat belts mom, all the time they said, their voices dripping with that special exasperation reserved just for Susan.


Dawn in DC said...

*Sigh* I miss teenagers.

Sort of.

Lemmonex said...

My brother is 29 and is still a little a-hole about seat belts.

Dawn's Dad said...

Good for you, Susan!

linlah said...

Can you have that talk with my dad.