Susan turned down a piece of cake this week.

She knows what you're thinking, but it was a really awful cake that her little sister picked out.

Imagine the worst cake in the world and what do you come up with?
White chocolate?
That's right.
And the inside?
Red velvet.

The white chocolate red velvet cake was so horrible that Susan couldn't even stand the smell of it and once this was discovered everyone took great delight in sticking their cake under Susan's nose.

Susan hates her family.


The Zadge said...

Cake? Meh. You could put a gazillion different cakes from the top bakers in the world in front of me and I wouldn't even flinch. But put one bag of Kettle Chips in front of me - Look Out.

Where the Fur Flies said...

Normally I'm a big fan of cake, but that seems excessively sweet.

Dawn in D.C. said...

That doesn't even sound good. And I usually like cake. Way to stand firm!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan should have ordered herself a nice cheesy pizza and waved the slices at everyone.