Susan and her family went to see
this exhibit in Philadelphia and upgraded their tickets to include admission to this IMAX movie. The theatre was set up in extreme stadium style with plush seats and a dome shaped screen which took up the entire overhead space, much like a giant umbrella. Susan happily settled into the air conditioned comfort of her situation and studied the screen before the movie began. It was made of many, many fabric topped panels behind which were the speakers and other things of a technical nature. The lights went away, the titles started and a deep masculine voice began explaining how the giant screen worked. The audience was advised that some may experience a dizzy feeling, but to close their eyes and the feeling would go away. If one had to leave, they were to climb upward to the back of the theatre and once they exited the doors would lock & that would be it.
Susan wondered who would have to leave.

The movie began with a great, swooping aerial view of the desert. It was right on top of her.
She immediately panicked and closed her eyes.
I don't like this.
She waited a moment, it was only a movie, she's sat thru IMAX movies before.
She tried again.
It was too much, she bolted up to the back of the theatre and out the doors.

Claustrophobia: you don't always see it coming.


Where the Fur Flies said...

I am the opposite of claustrophobic - I love tight, enclosed spaces. BUT, I wouldn't have liked the exhibit or the movie. Dead things freak me out, more than anything else.

Twisted Susan said...

I liked the exhibit very much!

Cupcake Murphy said...

To me, giant 3-D isn't giant 3-D, it's time to close eyes and wait for it to be over while you try not to vomit but I'm not certain that definition is in any dictionary.

Dawn's Dad said...

I think I would enjoy the exhibit on mummies, but I couldn't bring myself to go to the Bodies exhibit.

love the IMAX shows, but then I don't have any depth perception. My wife tried it once and did the same thing as Susan.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Sounds like then the 3-D birds fly at you in Disneyworld. I was over that 20 years ago, never again.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

i hate those realistic rides/ shows that make you feel like you're really soaring over the world. that shit makes me want to throw the fuck up. and if there's one thing i hate, it's throwing the fuck up.