Susan is now the mother of two teenagers.
She can't get by anymore with the ambiguous reference to medium sized children. Alas.

The thirteen year old girl spends her days reclining in front of a fan reading. Or drawing. All day. A summer's worth of glorious leisure time to jump in the pool and pal around with friends and paint her toenails and play with the dog.

Her fifteen year old boy has a gig as an unpaid camp counsellor which he takes very seriously; getting up & out on time and dressing like a pirate when mandated. It's his third summer as such, he calls it going to work, Susan reminds him that one can't call it work if one doesn't get paid. It's the same thing she sez to her self-employed husband.

If the kids are getting older then Susan's getting older too. She's adjusted pretty well to her advancing decrepitude. She just needs to know that somewhere out there is somebody older than her.

She really didn't get it together until she became a working mother. Her five years as a stay at home mom mixed pleasure with depression and loneliness. Being forced to return to work with small children made her figure out how to get stuff done. That notwithstanding, she's still lazy and not too smart about some things and erupts easily over nonsense and never met a magazine that she didn't want to keep stacked in a corner and would rather go to sleep than meet her marital responsibilities.

And, speaking of working mothers; poor JLo, eh?


Pix at Under the Oaks said...

I am older than Susan.
Quite a bit older.
I also would rather go to sleep. On the couch.
Because one of the two people in our house snores very loudly and consistently.
That would not be me.
Snoring that is.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan, I'm raising my hand! Pick me!
Decrepitude is the perfect adjective for my body right now.

It was never going to work. Marc Anthony has a smaller booty than any woman I know, and that's just wrong.

Bee said...

Twisted - You are I are living very similar lives - I seem to want to sleep alot lately - I would rather sleep than do anything - Me thinks it's probably ALL the exercise I AM NOT getting! I feel extremely lazy these days but usually do this time of year - it's strange - it's like backwards depression! I seem to dislike these HOT sultry summer days more and more every year......

Yeah Poor JLo - I could never figure out what she saw in him - he saw in her!

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Hahaaa "advancing decrepitude"!

My parents are way older than you and still have tons of fun. And not like old people bingo fun, like going to Mexico and drinking on the beach with their friends fun.

Dawn in D.C. said...

One of my parents is older than you. The other one is dead, so that isn't much help. Sorry.

I think it's very cool that your son "works" at a camp. How many years does he have to dress like a pirate before they start paying him?

Cupcake Murphy said...

All I know is there is no one fucking funnier and clever than Susan. Except maybe Mark Twain. But probably not.