Susan has been without her computer for two weeks. Two weeks!
One week went by while Susan dragged herself over miles of molten concrete and the second week was eaten up by the husband forgetting to pick the computer up every single day.

Anyway, the children adjusted very well to using their father's laptop, so first thing Susan did when she got hers back was to change the password & lock them out. G'bye kids.

The second thing she did was to import her vacation pictures and who doesn't love vacation pictures!

Here's some jelly fish from the aquarium in Baltimore

And, proof that she was in Philadelphia

She spent the hottest night of her life with Abe

Then saw him again the next day

She visited the fantastically ornate Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress 

Which is directly across the street from the wonderful Capitol 

These girls are in the sculpture garden of the Hirschorn Museum 

During this trip Susan found the lovely Sackler Museum

She took her children to see the Wall

Then over to the Jefferson Memorial

And looked across to the White House 

Then everyone went to Chinatown for dimsum and Susan had a kumquat mojito or two.
The End. 


The Zadge said...

Sigh. Your lovely photos almost made me homesick.

Then I remembered the humidity in July in D.C.

P.S. But enough about me. It looks like you had a great time! Yay!

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

All too recent and familiar to be without a computer for two weeks. Makes me weak in the knees so I understand how Susan's anxiety could make her all twisted. Susan's pictures of DC are lovely. Though I would like to forever forget the 4 years we spent there. Happy Happy you have your computer back and ALL to yourself!

Dawn in D.C. said...

When you were at the Jefferson Memorial, had you turned around, you would have seen Arlington Cemetery and just on the other side of it...my house! :) But you wouldn't have seen me because it has just been too effing hot to go outside. Bless you, tourist.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Very nice photos Susan. And I'm so glad you indulged in a fruity mojito! Cheers!

linlah said...

Cheers, with a kumquat mojito or two, to the password change.