Susan's husband forced her to finish the kitchen this weekend. The cabinets were done but they still had no hardware, the tile back splash had no grout and the walls had to be painted.

Susan never grouted anything before. It was easy enough but she's not interested in tiling or grouting ever again. She'd be very comfortable hiring someone for that purpose.

The husband took care of the hardware while Susan started to paint. Halfway through she realized that the color off.

She didn't like it.

She closed up shop for the day and decided that she would reassess in the morning. Everything looks better in the daylight after a restorative night of sleep.

The next morning Susan sent the husband back to Home Depot for a new can of paint.


Dawn in D.C. said...

What color did you choose? Will there be pictures forthcoming? Good job, sleeping on it. I do that a lot.

The Zadge said...

I'm impressed by the grouting. But not impressed enough to try it myself. Plus, paying guys to come in and work on my house seems to be the only way I can get a man in my house these days.

Where the Fur Flies said...

Yeah for finished house projects! I'd be all for finishing the unplanned fix the flooded house project, for which men were hired but is still is dragging out.