Susan donated blood on the Bloodmobile this week, it was quite the sponatenous decision. She saw an opportunity to atone for blowing off the blood drive at the Knights of Columbus earlier in the week and took it.

Have you ever been on a bloodmobile before? There's not much room. Susan's bloodmobile had reclining seats that ran along the sides and two teeny little interview rooms in the back.


Susan sat in the teeny room being interviewed by the phlebotomist and took notice of the extreme lack of space. The room was claustrophobically small and Susan was uncomfortable. There was probably more elbow room between two people having sex than there was between her and the phlebotomist. But, Susan was there to get stuck with a needle and have her blood drained for twenty minutes and was not going to let anything derail her from that goal.

She was good with the whole thing, then she had juice and cookies.


Dawn in D.C. said...

Good on you! I am big on blood donation and made each of my kids give when they turned 17. I still give at every opportunity. They don't.

Dawn's Dad said...

Yea for you! My Mom gave blood often and I did too until I had an "asymptomatic grand mall seizure" 30 some years ago. They still won't take my blood. It seems perfectly good to me.

Thank you for doing what they won't let me do...

Where the Fur Flies said...

Good for you! I used to donate regularly, until some nurse clued into the fact that I'd had a head injury quite a few years ago. Like Dawn's Dad, I've been banned from donating blood ever since.