Susan got new slang flashcards at the mall and she's teaching herself to talk cool like the inner city kids and rappers.

She already uses simple terms like down (in agreement, indicating willingness to participate), crew
(an intimate group of friends with whom one is most publicly associated) and aiight (often used as a generalized term of approval). She thinks chillax (to pass time in an unstructured, comfortable, stress-free manner, usually at a residence) sounds silly although many of her associates use it.

Right off the bat she can use jawn
(a substitute generic term for any person, place or thing for use when the actual word cannot be readily recalled or identified). Fresh to death (truly superlative especially as it relates to a condition of trendiness or fashion forwardness) might get some use, same with shake the spot (to leave, depart). She likes what it do
(an expression of informal greeting) because it reminds her of being a teenager in the '70s.

Steez (style & charisma which is uniquely one's own), trill (genuine, authentic) and jockin' (1: flirting- 2: imitating- 3: ingratiating oneself for ulterior motives) might take some practice.

Next, Susan's got her eye on corporate flashcards so she can learn to talk like a suit.


linlah said...

I may have bought those Corporate Cards when they first came out and left them anonymously and appropriately in people;s offices after they had retired for the day.

Dawn in D.C. said...

I think my husband needs the corporate cards, aiight.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I need to shake this spot and find myself some new steez at the mall.

The Zadge said...

Susan is OG, for sure.