The son has been saying that Lucy the lucky pit bull had fleas but Susan chose to do nothing until he reported seeing one jump up, jump up and get down. Then the daughter saw one do the robot.

Susan grabbed Cousin Lisa and headed out to the local pet superstore, the one where people bring their animals. Susan doesn't travel with her dog and doesn't understand why anyone would want to get their car all full of hair. Conversely, some people might not understand why Susan spends a half hour ironing her white blouse with the intricately ruffled collar. Whatever.

Susan was deciding between two chemical laden treatments when Cousin Lisa, ever the natural woman, held up a shampoo with peppermint oil & clove extract. Susan is powerless to resist clove extract, so, ridiculous or not she bought it. Plus, it was buy one get one free. A flea comb and some dog treats later Susan was out the door.

Once home Lucy was shampooed and combed, her dog bed was thrown out and Susan got on the internet. She replaced Lucy's heavy fabric collar with a bandanna dipped in tea tree oil then she boiled all available citrus fruits (goodbye cocktail essentials), liquefied them in the blender, strained them through the sieve twice and decanted them into a spray bottle for a natural flea deterrent. She's taught the whole family to comb the dog & squish any fleas, of which there haven't really been many, against the teeth of the comb. Susan will also introduce a dietary supplement of brewer's yeast which she recalls from her days as an owner of flea infested cats.

She'll monitor the situation but she's completely aware that she may be kidding herself.

Susan's Kidding Herself: The Update.
Susan's little sister came over, took a look at all the natural bullsh*t and made some snide remarks. Susan recognized the truth in her ridicule and sent the husband out for Frontline.


Where the Fur Flies said...

I hope it works out! I'm all for the natural solution, but I think you may be braver than I am. I think I'd stink bomb the whole house if there were fleas in it.

The Zadge said...

Sounds like you could make lemon-poppy seed bread at the same time.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

Wow, I had no idea you were such a tree-hugger.

I'm way impressed with your boiled orange shit. But if it doesn't work out, I recommend Advantix.

Dawn in D.C. said...

We use Advantix.

Why waste perfectly good limes on the dog, when happy hour is only a few hours away??

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

We are a Frontline house. Jack has so much fur and he doesn't dig baths very much. I have to agree with Dawn on the egregious waste of limes (potential margarita!), it makes me sad.

Kathryn said...

Were they really snide? I thought they were practical.

Although, the scent of tea tree oil, clove extract and boiled citrus fruits did make the house smell nice, while you waited for the infestation.