Susan's been maintaining a low profile lately. She's not returning phone calls, she didn't watch the Oscars, her sheets skipped a week being clean.

She was lured out of the house by a visit from her absent Brother In Law one day, and by a pal with some smoky pulled pork on another.

Susan's little sister used her time more recreationally, visiting the 911 Memorial with her family.

And getting a closer look at 1 WTC.
They also did a bunch of fun NYC stuff like eat and laugh and watch a play where they weren't allowed to sit

Anyway, Susan's planning on being out of her funk in time for Cousin Veronica's wedding this weekend.


The Zadge said...

It's the February Funk. Everyone I know has it.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Get your YMCA on at the wedding Susan!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I'm glad you didn't watch the Academy Awards. Nick Nolte would have put you over the edge.

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Ugh, yeah I wrote about this winter bleh period awhile ago and it's still not totally gone. Hope Susan has an awesome time at the wedding.

Dawn in D.C. said...

I'm looking forward to spring, with its bright flowers and green grass. I hate the February Funk.

Have fun at the wedding!