While other folks were using their Friday night for recreational pursuits like meeting friends, going to the movies or having sex, Susan was removing the no longer edible food from her fridge.

She found the balance of the white rice from the other night and understood with intense clarity that she must turn it into rice pudding immediately.

The fact that she was tired and it was almost 11pm proved no match against her need to make rice pudding.

The rice was hard, like plastic pellets but she was undeterred.

Her recipe binder was under construction so there was no telling where her rice pudding recipes might be. She googled leftover rice pudding recipe and liked the first one she saw.

This one.

Susan stood at the stove and stirred the milk, rice and sugar with one hand while she rubbed her eyes with the other. She regretted not having any raisins on hand but the kitchen was warm, the vanilla was fragrant and she was completely enjoying watching it all thicken and become creamy until it was the perfect specimen of rice pudding.

She fantasized about eating the whole thing for breakfast.

Anyway, this is now her current fave recipe except that's she going to knock down the sugar to 1/3 cup.


Where the Fur Flies said...

If you haven't tried rice pudding made with brown sugar, you should. It's yummy.

The Zadge said...

Very rice, I mean, nice!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I love Susan's late night foray's in the kitchen.

Deidre said...

Wow! I wouldn't have thought of rice pudding - for some reason it freaks me out! Like noodle pudding. noodles and rice do not belong in sweets :)

Kathryn said...

I have a gallon of milk & a bag of Carolina rice just waiting to be mixed into a pudding later this week. Is your son still on wrestling diet restrictions, or will he accept his usual try of his Aunt's rice pudding?

Kathleen said...

I have done that several times. Then the next day ate it for breakfast. Hence the tire around my mid section. You can tell we are polish cousins. Who else would eat that for breakfast.