Susan spent 48 terrific hours in Philly with her family. You may recall that the last time she was there she had a spontaneous claustrophobic episode, but she stayed away from that place and everything worked out fine.

This time she went over to South Street and stood on line for an hour  to eat a divine sandwich made by a fella wearing a hairnet over his beard. She wasn't even bothered when she saw his giant can of Cheese Whiz.

Afterward, Susan walked down the street to PAT where she found her *favorite book and bought it along with some other stuff including a horribly ugly metal thing that the daughter liked.

*Click HERE to read an excerpt.

She saw many wonderful things in the neighborhood, including but not limited to a confident young lady strolling in her black and gold cat suit with the strategic cut outs, entire buildings clad in intricate mosaics and mirrors, some neat graffiti and record stores.

Stores that sell records!

Philadelphia is crazy.

They took the long way back to their hotel and walked through Chinatown for bubble tea and all the other things they love about Chinatown like seeing entire pig heads in store windows.

The next day they went to see this exhibit and met up with the biggest afro outside of Sly Stone.

Before they left Susan found that Philadelphia has the most charming little cobblestone back streets, the best music blasting out of their car windows and the largest number of men dressed like women that she's encountered in one weekend.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan had my kinda weekend!

Dawn in D.C. said...

This sounds like such a lovely weekend. I am so ready for another road trip!!

Deidre said...

I've never been to Phillie, now I'm not sure if I want to go more or less :)