Susan disabled the word verification on her comments and heard an immediate cheer rise up from her pals The Zadge and MegYou'll never have to prove you're not a robot again. Never again!

As if that weren't enough to accomplish in one evening Susan also got herself a pedicure.

Susan is unlike most women in the fact that she's NOT a fan of pedicures. She finds it almost intolerable to have another person handle her feet. The scraping and clipping and digging and sanding is really beyond what she can put up with. However, she likes the warm water and some of the rubbing and, of course, the finished product. 

For weeks she's been unable to spend the hour it would take to prep and paint her feet, not to mention the bending over. Bending is horrible, every time she does it she b*tches until she's upright again.

Susan can b*tch, just ask her family.

But, it became imperative to get her toes in order when she switched to her summer shoes last weekend. As a concession to her age she thinks she's going to have to screw her courage to its sticking place and get a pedicure from now on. At least from May through October.


Where the Fur Flies said...

Many thanks go out to Susan. I had much stress involved in proving that I'm not a robot.

The Zadge is not a spammer and thanks you for trusting her. Finally. said...

I view the monthly (twice in the summer) pedicure a mandatory indulgence for those of us over the age of 40. As I do the nightly libation.

Grace said...

OMG Girlfriend (notice...2 posts in one!) Not exactly an inspirational saying, but still annoying! I also dislike pedicures, but I dislike them on a bi-weekly basis! I hate the scraping and touching of the feet! I survive it by my i-pod and a good book! (The callous eraser doesn't hurt either!)

Deidre said...

I do not do pedicures. I do not like people touching my feet.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Thank you Susan!

I feel the same way you do about people touching my feet, but dammit, I cannot scrunch myself over with a bottle of paint. So same as the Zadge, twice per month til fall.

Cyndi said...

Enjoyed the conversation and posts. Have a great Mother's Day.