The other morning Susan noticed a new neighbor walking along a well traveled road in her neighborhood. She appeared to be in her thirties, a little scrawny with a hint of white trash about her. White trash is not unusual in Susan's working class neighborhood, but she doesn't mind. She prefers white trash to money because folks with money often need to draw attention to it. Yuk.

As Susan drove past she thought about what makes a person appear as white trash. At Acme Sweatshop Susan is often mistaken for someone of authority, which sounds nice but it usually results in more for her to do. She wondered where her unidentified neighbor was headed and assumed it wasn't to work. Nonetheless, Susan continued on her way and didn't think of her again.

Until two days later.

Susan was on her way home from work, driving on the same road but in the opposite direction when she saw the woman again, she was wearing a leather jacket. Susan was in a summer dress. As Susan got closer the woman turned around and stuck out her thumb. She was hitchhiking? There was really nowhere to give this odd woman a lift unless she wanted to come home with Susan.

Susan doesn't need a residential hitchhiker in her house.


Where the Fur Flies said...

I kind of admire her moxie.

Cupcake Murphy said...

When I was little it was drilled into my skull: hitchhiking = laying in a ditch somewhere.

The Zadge said...

Are you sure it was her thumb?

Mrs. Tuna said...

She's marked you a a regular. You are doomed to give her a ride sooner or later.