Susan is a big fan of the guy who figured out the three day weekend. Smart idea, man.

Last weekend Susan used two of her days rehabbing her bathroom which included but was not limited to wallpapering, painting and ripping out an '80s light fixture, medicine cabinet and shower doors.

The third day was her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and she spent it at the Brooklyn flea market with a side trip to Coney Island where she had to navigate broken glass on the beach. Holy crap Brooklyn, broken glass on the beach?

Susan had a super duper time at the flea market, she bought a bunch of stuff and everybody was friendly starting with Maya. Susan's elderly neck is now camouflaged by a long gold necklace that Maya made.

She had a fantastically refreshing handmade lime ginger soda from Brooklyn Soda Works that inspired her to grate ginger into everything for the rest of the weekend. She's also been working in the laboratory concocting a fizzy lime ginger cocktail.

Susan, her little sister and cousin Lisa all bought coin necklaces from Adornments NYC, they had fun picking out which ones they liked best and talking to the fella who made them.

When she couldn't decide between the Peppermint Ginger Tobacco and the Jasmine Tuberose Soy candles from Apotheke, the husband purchased both. He's so crazy.

Here's a picture of Susan's old bathroom:


Deidre said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! a lime ginger soda? YUM

Cupcake Murphy said...

Have you ever seen Jasmine and Tuberose in the same room at the same time? Exactly.