Day One of Susan's vacation:
  • Susan got sunburned. Sitting in the shade on the ferry affords one no protection from the sun's reflection off the water
  • Susan sat in traffic.
  • Susan cleaned six months of spider webs and dust from the very compact house her family is renting on Cape Cod
  • Susan panicked when the internet password was inaccessible
  • Susan had a frozen cocktail with dinner
Day Two:
  • Susan ordered a Guinness with her lobster and split her big toenail in half. It didn't hurt.


The Zadge said...

I hope Day Two Halved Toenail lack of pain is related to the Frozen Cocktails mentioned in Day One. Because I sort of passed out reading about said half toe nail without said frozen cocktail in front of me.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I think you need to dip that toe in a frozen cocktail while drinking the other half of it.

Bee said...

If Susan is on Cape Cod, Susan is definately in traffic! Enjoy the Lobsta! :)