Susan had an interaction with a catering hall chocolate fountain.

She's seen these things for the last few years and has purposely avoided them; cascading milk chocolate just isn't her scene, if she wants something that's too sweet she'll eat sugar directly. However she was filled with just enough alcohol from Acme Sweatshop's holiday party to ignore this and dive in.

She loaded up on the standard assortment of things to hold under the running chocolate; pineapple, marshmallows, strawberries and bananas. She wasn't totally sold, but she was committed to see the plan through to its completion.

Susan eyeballed her plate expecting the chocolate to ultimately encase the fruit and marshmallow in a hardened shell but the chocolate stayed in its liquid format. Susan's enthusiasm wilted. Other party guests assured her that this would not be a problem because everything should be eaten with melted chocolate poured over it. 

Susan stuck a chocolate drenched marshmallow into her mouth. It only took a moment after the slimy chocolate hit her tongue for her to spit the entire mess into a napkin.


More to her liking were the small chocolate cups into which could be poured any number of sweet liqueurs.

Later in the evening when Susan was making the rounds to say goodbye, many of the party guests were still drinking, some were drunk, and she was glad to be going home with the husband and a tremendous winter table scape centerpiec


The Zadge said...

Score on the centerpiece.

Where the Fur Flies said...

I don't do fountains or fondus.

Hi, my name is Janice and I'm a. germophobe

Piper said...

At a cousin's wedding last spring, my 7-year old thought he hit the jackpot with the chocolate fountain. I think he even dipped shrimp cocktail in it.
I much preferred the free booze.