Susan went to the mall and came home with a car with no steering wheel.

It's been probably close to thirty years since Susan had a car broken in to, so she was overdue for a robbery. Luckily, they didn't take the air freshener or the stuff in her trunk, but they took the husband's wallet because he likes to leave it in the car even though she's told him a billion times that it's a stupid place to leave his wallet. 

Now he knows.

Mercifully, Susan & the husband had a little bit of money and were able to afford the expenses related to having somebody f*ck up their car. Unfortunately, that money was earmarked for other things.

The next day, three days before Xmas, they went out and got a tree. 
A very well priced tree too, Susan thinks it's the cheapest one they ever bought. The husband & daughter took care of dragging it into the house, installing it in the livingroom & decorating it without any help from Grinchy Susie.

As it should be.

Ed. note: Photographic credit & a lift home are courtesy of little sister.


The Zadge said...

I get why some thug would take a wallet. But a steering wheel?!! Why? And why do I now keep hearing Carrie Underwood's song "Jesus Take The Wheel"? Do you think it was him?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet your steering wheel is on some freshman's wall. They need to get their art where the can find it.

(This is Janice from wherethefurflies. I can't convince my iPad to log into google properly)

The Ole Folks said...

They wanted your air bag!!

Husband's wallet was a bonus.

Mrs. Tuna said...

It was just silly for Susan to buy a tree, she could have just tacked the air freshener to the wall and call it good.

The Empress said...

What? Why? Just to be mean? I can't imagine coming out to a scene like this.

Deep breaths, and grateful we're safe and sound, right?

So sorry.


patti said...

Oh, nuts.

meg at the members lounge said...

Well Susan handled this with her usual aplomb. Happy New Year darling!