Before dinner on Sunday afternoon Susan's Christmas tree was at the curb. That's right, at the curb! As far as she can tell, her tree was the first in the neighborhood to assume that location.

There's really nowhere in Susan's house to fit a dead tree anyway. There's no picture window to prop it in front of and no corner that doesn't already have something in it even if it's only a few shelves to hold her Santa Clara pottery.

Traces of Christmas remain in the house; lights and snowflakes and things, but the biggest offender is out. The Christmas cards are gone too. 

She's ready for the NEW year.


Where the Fur Flies said...

I am another who doesn't really have space for a tree in my house. I chose not to have one at all this year.

Her Ace in the Hole said...

I had that sucker down on the 30th this year. We shoved the dead tree in the 2 feet of snow in the backyard, right next to my son's igloo. It's lovely.