Can you tell that Susan has had zero energy for BLAHging?
It's not that she lacks desire, she just lacks the mental stamina and the time.  By the end of the day everything that went on has been reduced to a soupy blur.
That, and her creative process i s   v  e  r  y    s   l   o   w.
Sure, everybody else can just sit down and bang out their bloggy thoughts, but Susan has to dedicate alot of time to cradling her head in her hands while rubbing her eyes.

Well, that's all in the past because it's a new year and Susan made a few notes about personal things she'd like to change. Blogging was not one of them but she's not worried, she anticipates getting back with the program shortly.

In the meantime, here's what's gone on:

Susan still doesn't have her car back, but she has a rental which she managed to drive over an invisible parking divider.
Ba-boom! Ba-boom!

Susan and cousin Lisa discussed current events; '90s super model Naomi Campbell was violently pushed to the ground in Paris then sought treatment from the top orthopedist in the world...in the world!  After which Naomi tweeted words of inspiration.

Susan's dryer broke and she bought a new one.

Susan ate wasabi mashed potatoes and blew her nose for the rest of the day.

Susan received her lovely Bantam Lake Studio necklace and earrings which she won in a give-away hosted by Deidre, and they represent nicer in the actual than the virtual. Thanks, Mrs. Climate!

Susan made pink grapefruit margaritas and the husband didn't like them, but who cares. She's thinking of featuring them at a family party later in the month.

The daughter passed the second anniversary of her menstrual cycle.

Susan is working on ideas to make her subterranean level a lounge into which she may retreat from her family.


Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Susan shouldn't have to make excuses for her lack of blog posts.

And... Susan tweets?!

And... Hahaha than Susan keeps track of the menstrual anniversary...does the daughter know about these posts?

And... I would love it if any member of my family made speciality drinks for a party. They like to drink, but mostly shitty beer. =(.

Twisted Susan said...

Naomi tweets, Susan ridicules.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Subterranean Susan.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I think you need a curtain of swanky beads to retreat behind. And a pitcher of those grapefruit margaritas!

Dawn in D.C. said...

I'm so glad I checked in here first. I was just going to email Susan so see what has been going on her life. Glad to know the daughter is progressing through her womanhood with no troubles.

I would totally walk through the beaded curtain into Susan's subterranean lounge to share a pitcher of pink grapefruit margaritas!