It was Susan's turn to host an annual family party last weekend. She loves her aunt, uncle and all her cousins but she doesn't love having them in her house at the same time.
Everyone pitched in with food and chores but it was no match for Susan's limited square footage or counter space. She also bore a great disappointment with her Red Grapefruit Margarita Punch. Sure, it was a pretty color and tasted great, just like a margarita, but how many glasses of grapefruit juice can a party guest drink before they eat Susan's entire bottle of Tums?
The next morning Susan arose at 11:30 am and ate cookies for breakfast.
Then the rest of the shrimp mousse for lunch.
Dinner was a bag of smoked almonds.

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The Zadge said...

The day after Susan's annual family party sounds like my Dream Day.