Susan ran out of underwear on the last day of the work week so she pinched a pair of the husband's briefs.
They fit although they came up a bit high, like granny panties. 

She wore the husband's briefs back when she was pregnant, they enveloped her in cottony happiness and greatly influenced her mood at the start of the day. Pregnancy is all about discomfort first, and the wonder of new life second, soft underwear was a big deal for Susan.

Of course, the current issue is how does an almost 53 year old woman run out of underwear?

It must be the same deficient household management that had her out of napkins, hand soap and ice cubes. Yes, Susan makes her own ice cubes just like a mid century modern housefrau, no fancy fridge for her. Not that she wouldn't f*cking LOVE a roomy fancy fridge with an ice maker and pull out freezer on the bottom so that she doesn't have to bend all the way down to search for the sour cream or pickles. 

More hausfrau: Susan made the mistake of lingering too long with Beverly Hills Housewife, Kyle and saw her wearing this fantastic faux protective garment and now she wants one.


The Zadge said...

I think I'd go commando before I'd wear my husbands knickers. Oh, wait, I don't have a husband.

Twisted Susan said...

I need the soft caress of something holding my lady parts in, I don't envision myself going commando outside of the house.
Butt, who nose.

The "Ole" Folks said...

Now we know what to get you for your birthday!!!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I applaud Susan for her creative decision in undergarments.

Cupcake Murphy said...

My addiction to socks and underwear STILL does not prevent me from running out of either.