Susan fell down yesterday.


She hit a wet patch and the next thing she knew the floor was coming toward her face in slow motion.

Susan prefers to spend most of her time upright, or at least seated, so she was kind of stunned to find herself on the floor in front of an audience. Her enforced respite didn't last long, before she had a chance to yell OMG, what are you doing? her co-worker was picking her up in his arms. It took him two tries, because you're heavier than you look he explained.

Susan didn't seem to be any worse for wear and was tremendously relieved to see that nothing bad happened to her beautiful vintage pants, the lined ones with a wide cuff. Unfortunately, by the end of the day it was revealed that the heel of her much beloved shoe had been compromised.



Deidre said...

I hate when this happens. I am very familiar with the falling down...too familiar.

mamalisalo said...

why I must find out about these things on your blog, I do not know, but I will be checking in more often.

How is your coolie feeling today?

Cupcake Murphy said...

Falling should be outlawed and your co-worker should be sequestered.