It's already been established that Susan got paid on Friday. Four days later she and the husband had twenty three dollars between them to go food shopping. That was it, there was no Pull out your charge card or Let's go tomorrow when we have more money. They had eight singles, a five, a ten, and some change.
Susan made her choices then handed over $22.21

Susan and the husband purchased their house nine years ago and have paid for it a month at a time. Along the way they've done some stuff, nothing grand, mostly just to make it function better. Of course now it's worth less than their mortgage, but just about everyone they know can say the same thing.

Currently their driveway is collapsing. Two years ago the husband re-routed the rainwater coming from the downspout to avoid having it drain onto his neighbor's yard. Instead he diverted it down the driveway into the street washing away the sandy infrastructure supporting the cement.

Susan came home from work and contemplated the front of her house. She knew that somebody could probably make it look good if they spent some money and knew what they were doing. She fantasized about what one of those TV shows that fix up the front of people's houses would do.

Wait, that's a great idea.

She'll break her personal rule about appearing on TV and apply for a makeover from HGTV. She could be just as boring as any of those lame TV moms, fake bickering with the host and ending her sentences with an uncomfortable laugh.

Her dream of getting a TV show to fix up her driveway was short lived, HGTV is currently not looking for anyone in Susan's circumstance but encouraged her to check back often.

Editor's Note:
Susan purchased five types of dairy, two starches and a canned item. 


The Zadge said...

Can you please share what you bought at the grocery store and then cooked for $22.21 because that's about all I have left until next pay day and if you don't tell me I'll just go out and spend it on another bottle of vodka.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I am going to apply for the HGTV dream home giveaway so I can get a loft in downtown Boston.