Susan is going through an austere economic period.

She's been freezing pesto like an obsessed crazy person in preparation for a Laura Ingalls winter.

The daughter accompanied her to the dollar store to purchase two more ice cube trays and a box of ZipLoc gallon freezer bags. Susan had four dollars and told the daughter she'd dedicated twenty five percent of her holdings toward candy.

At the register the lady in front of them was unloading a full cart onto the conveyor belt. The daughter made her pickle face at the prospect of waiting five more minutes to check out. The lady let them go ahead.

Susan's total came to $4.34.
She couldn't find her fourth dollar.
Where did her fourth dollar go?

Susan put back one of her ice cube trays and reduced her total to $3.26
Susan is a grown woman with a budget of $3.26


Where the Fur Flies said...

Been there, feel your pain.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I took your dollar. Sorry.